When the product that you ordered delivered?

After confirming that the request has been made on the site, you will be contacted the next day, and the shipping period within Greater Cairo will be within 5 working days after confirming the orders by our customer service, given what the country is going through at the present time and outside Cairo from 5 to 7 working days.


How much are the shipping charges?

Home delivery service is provided in Great Cairo to our valued customers with free shipping charges for all orders above 300 L.E. As for the governorates, they are between 40 to 100 pounds, and they are calculated according to the shipping company.


 What if order has flaws?

In case it was an IT product of damage or scratches in the product company inspected the product virtual examination with the naked eye only if receipt is not considered matching product warranty terms only after the response of the dealer within 15 days from the date of receipt.


 General instruction for delivering orders as fast as we can

  1.       Try not to change customer fixed data during ordering process.
  2.       Avoid contacting to expedite the delivery process; there are specific days to receive the order.
  3.       Don’t attempt to change the delivery address to become in public places or on the street.
  4.       The name of the credit card holder should not be different from the name of the applicant.

Receiving Policy

Ensure the identity of the recipient according to the request in the ID card number and obtain a copy of the ID card or passport for foreigners.
Match the other four digits of the payment card received with the purchase order with the origin of the payment card in the case of receipt of the item.
Delivery of the item only in the address contained in the application and not approving the change during the delivery process.


Our UPS and with USB Ports , a lighting system and digital thermometer inside out server cabinets.


We trust our product very much so we provide our customers with 2 years warranty on ur products


Long-life batteries , cables and power strip made from cooper and certified un refurbished steel


Our support is not stoppable even after the warranty expire we will help you in any future problems.

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