AWESOME PLAY! "I have been using this product for several months now and it does...



"I have been using this product for several months now and it does not disappoint. The mic quality is crystal clear, and my gaming friends noticed its high quality immediately."

Stacey M.  Verified Buyer

ONIKUMA K1B PRO Camouflage is the world's leading manufacturer of professional gaming and voice equipment. As an official partner of WCG2016 and a sponsor of LCS, we will always do our utmost to provide the highest quality and innovative gaming equipment to our customers around the world.

Why choose ONIKUMA K1B PRO Camouflage?

[High Compatibility] applies to PS4, Xbox One, 32-bit, 64-bit, Win7 / Win8 / Win, and XP.
[Comfortable design] Reduces hearing damage, bites the ears, sweats the ears, and provides long-lasting comfort.
[Easy to install] Plug and play, easy volume control, and microphone mute button.
[Knought Skin Materials] Headphones are made of baby-friendly materials, and each product is fully tested before it goes on the market. We promise it is harmless to the human body.
[Long life] is longer than most gaming headphones on the market.

    How to make it work?


    1. Plug the 3.5 mm plug cable into the controller.
    2. Press and hold the ps4 button to enter the system settings.
    3. Go to "Peripheral Machines", "Adjust the sounds and devices, change 'Output to Headset' to 'All Audio'.
    4. [Xbox one] If your Xbox one controller has a 3.5mm audio interface, you can use the gaming headset directly. Otherwise, "MICROSOFT ADAPTER" will be required.
    5. [PC] Plug the 1 to 2 3.5mm splitter cables into the audio input and microphone input of the desktop.


    Our UPS and with USB Ports , a lighting system and digital thermometer inside out server cabinets.


    We trust our product very much so we provide our customers with 2 years warranty on ur products


    Long-life batteries , cables and power strip made from cooper and certified un refurbished steel


    Our support is not stoppable even after the warranty expire we will help you in any future problems.

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